A better life starts with information.

Learn about how Down Syndrome Innovations is meeting the needs of Tate’s family with customized education, emotional support, and individualized therapy.

Data helps us understand your needs.

Down Syndrome Innovations is here for you. We are here for all families. And the needs of our community are always growing. Always changing.

We adapt to the community we support.  We want to give you the tools and resources you need to thrive.

Your family’s needs are unique.  Help us enhance our organization by giving us specific insight about your family life. 

We Turn Data into Knowledge to Benefit You.

Customized Resources

Demographic information helps us customize our distribution of information as some community resources are individual to counties and states.

Targeted Communication

Current data ensures we can keep you informed of all of the new service offerings as Down Syndrome Innovations is expanding at a rapid pace to support our families.

Intentional Innovation

We are determined to be innovative as we create resources and services that we believe can improve the trajectory of life for people with Down syndrome.

Your Help Matters.

The more information we have about our community, the better our services become.

Get Connected

Fill out this the GET CONNECTED form and you're on your way to helping us grow with you in your family journey.

Spread the Word

If you know of anyone with Down syndrome, make sure their families know how to GET CONNECTED. Help us serve more families.

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